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reSource Leadership International is a partner of the Overseas Council network.
Resourcing sustainable theological education in the developing world

Welcome to reSource Leadership International

We have a passion for training church leaders in the developing world, and it is our firm belief that this is best achieved through investing in local institutions. By training Christian leaders, we can have a positive impact on the church for generations to come; and in resourcing local theological schools, we leave a sustainable legacy.

reSource Leadership International exists to foster excellence in theological schools in the developing world - giving them the resources they need to offer the best education - thereby ensuring a high standard of teaching and lay training in the local church.

Latest News


More and more educational institutions in Latin America (and indeed, around the world) are creating their own repositories for the school's intellectual production.

The INTER-INSTITUTIONAL CHRISTIAN REPOSITORY (REPCI) is a virtual space to spread the intellectual and original production of Latin American and Caribbean Christian authors.  REPCI is intended to provide a common space for researchers, teachers and students of Latin American and Caribbean theological institutions to share their publications.  REPCI will be an open or low-cost tool to access this shared space.

The REPCI project will be coordinated jointly by Mariel Voth, the Latin American Library Consultant for reSource Leadership International, and by the librarian of the Biblical Seminary of Colombia (FUSBC) in Medellin, Colombia.

 REPCI Team cropped 

The REPCI Team - Astrid Martinez (lead librarian for REPCI project, FUSBC), Mariel Voth, Melody Mazuk, Elizabeth de Sendek (Rector FUSBC), Luis Eduardo Ramirez, FUSBC, Josué Fernandez, OC-US, Latin America Regional Director

The specific goals of REPCI are to:

Recognize and present the theological work produced in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Facilitate access to information.

Accelerate the process of dissemination of the intellectual product.

Contribute to the quality of education across the continent and the Caribbean.

Preserve the intellectual property of Christian thought of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Work collaboratively within a framework of common policies and measures for managing academic information.

The shared space is intended to:

Disseminate information from Latin America and the Caribbean towards the rest of the world.

Become a trustworthy tool for researchers worldwide to access reliable information.

Preserve documentation of Latin America and Caribbean Christianity.

The vision is, by 2017, to be recognized as an information resource leader that provides high value academic content and becomes a benchmark for Christian institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean towards the rest of the world.

A Message from the President

                   Pete Den Haan Interim President - Cropped                                                                     As you know, it was with a deep sense of privilege, honour and surprise that I accepted a call from the Board of reSource to serve as the Interim President of reSource last September.  In many ways, sentiments regarding this call to accept the President's role permanently are the same.  After serving these past 6 months as the Interim President, naturally I was much more informed regarding this role and RLI in general, and if I were being honest I must say my heart has yearned to remain in the President's role since days after beginning this new season in my life last September.  None the less, the feelings of privilege, of being incredibly honoured, and yes, of surprise remain.  Additionally, Diana and I are deeply grateful to God that He has enabled us to continue in this role on a volunteer basis.

Though the task and work before us at times seems daunting, I am reminded that this is God's work, that His shoulders are immeasurable, and that in Him we can do all things.  The key will be to determine which portion(s) of His Kingdom vineyard He has called us to work in, then to seek and identify the resources He has made available for us to do the work, and then to steward this all to the best of our ability.  The investment opportunities for furthering God's Kingdom by advancing the training of Christian leaders through theological education in the majority world are hugely exciting.  I can't wait to meet with any and all to share further detail about how one can partner with us in the various aspects of our work, particularly in Vietnam and Cuba, and especially in the development of theological libraries in all corners of the majority world.

It bears repeating that the Board of Directors of reSource and its staff are peopled by amazing individuals, each so different in background, skill set, vocation, or what have you, yet each so fully and passionately dedicated to this work, each other and our God.  I'm deeply grateful to have been given this amazing opportunity to join reSource's staff in serving the Board and all other reSource stakeholders in this exciting work.

As we look into the future, please continue to pray for the people, schools and organizations reSource is working with.  Please pray also for wisdom and protection for our staff, especially as we travel to many corners of the globe and work in cross cultural settings.  And finally, please pray for provision.  Without the generous financial support of donors keen to invest in this work, the lights would simply go out.  And so please, please contact me if you feel your heart tugging to invest in this work, or if you simply would like to find out more about this work we're engaged in.

The harvest is huge, the workers few, but God is good, and great, and governs all. 

Blessed be His name.    

Pete DenHaan, President