We have a passion for training church leaders in the majority world

 and it is our firm belief that this is best achieved through investing in local institutions. By training Christian leaders, we can have a positive impact on the church for generations to come; and in resourcing local theological schools, we leave a sustainable legacy.

Institutes For Excellence

Institutes are annual mini conferences where school leaders in a particular geographic region come together to network and build leadership and organizational expertise. This year the theme of the Institute is Unconventional Models for Theological Education. Participants will build upon the learning of nine Overseas Council partner schools who have already thought through and implemented innovative educational models. We have seen that as schools implement new models for teaching and leaders are trained for ministry in a more contextualized manner, the end result is that churches have a greater impact in their communities. As educational leaders practice "reflection in action" the influence of our 130 partner schools is multiplied.

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Greek Bible College Library

The Greek Bible College (GBC) is the only evangelical theological school in the country and its library serves the students and faculty of the college, as well as students and faculty from the nearby Orthodox Seminary. The college recently received the gift of an extensive personal library from a retired Cambridge Biblical scholar that has greatly strengthened the collection. The gift also presents some challenges that reSource has committed to helping with. These challenges include the need for assistant staff to process the new materials, barcoding of the entire library collection, and the purchase and installation of new library software. 

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The Inter-institutional Christian Repository (REPCI) is a virtual space to spread the intellectual and original production of Latin American and Caribbean Christian authors.  REPCI is intended to provide a common space for researchers, teachers and students of Latin American and Caribbean theological institutions to share their publications.  REPCI will be an open or low-cost tool to access this shared space.

The REPCI project will be coordinated jointly by Mariel Voth, the Latin American Library Consultant for reSource Leadership International, and by the librarian of the Biblical Seminary of Colombia (FUSBC) in Medellin, Colombia.

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Featured Seminaries

As part of our October 2015 Newsletter's focus on Latin America and the Caribbean, we are currently featuring two of the seminaries that we work with in Cuba.

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